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Final two minutes “chaos”: Walters

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 10:41 AM by Matt Paddick

Subiaco’s round four clash with the Royals was full of twists and turns, but none was more exciting than the final minutes of the match.

The scenario had the two sides locked at 83 points each after almost four quarters of football.

What followed was “chaos” according to the returning Max Walters.

“I was running on adrenaline,” he said.

“My legs were cramping and there were a few nervous moments.”

Walters admitted he had been battling some nerves upon his return to the league side.

The 25-year-old injured his hand during last year’s campaign but played through to be a part of Subiaco’s 2021 Premiership.

In the off-season, he underwent surgery to fix the problem, which saw him miss three months of action.

Walters was honest about his preparations for the match.

“I thought I might have been a bit underdone in the legs and fitness-wise,” he said.

“I hadn’t played a quarter at all this year, not even through match sim.

“So a bit nervous but pretty excited to get out there and play with the boys.”

In his first game of the year, Walters conceded his impact in the first half wasn’t high. 

However, the 81-game veteran knew there was still time to have an influence.

“I’ve played enough senior footy now to know you can always be involved in the game,” he said.

Walters’ impact was felt in the last term.

The Whitford product gathered eight disposals during the quarter, half of his total for the match, and the pressure he put on was immense.

However, it was his final touch of the match that was the most important.

When Lachlan Delahunty received a handpass from Ben Sokol, Walters said instinct took over.

“As soon as I saw him get the ball, I knew I had to get to goal,” he said.

“I had a feeling it was going to get out the back, luckily I didn’t cramp up.”

The ball sailed over the contest between Ryan Borchet and East Perth’s Nathan Eaton and into space.

With the Royals’ backline hot on his tail and with time running out, Walters knew he had to score.

“The thought was to get the ball through any part of the goals,” he said.

“It was just one of those things, I didn’t know how much time was left.

“I just had to quickly get it on.”

Walters soccered the ball off of a half volley, where it hit the left goal post on the full.

It gave the Lions a one-point advantage, with the siren going just seconds later.

With a pump of the fist and a wry smile, Walters embraced his teammates after securing Subiaco’s first win of 2022.

He said the win would go a long way for the side.

“There’s not going to be an easy game this year, the way the competition is going,” he said.

“To show that we could fight it out for four quarters, it’ll give us confidence for the rest of the year.”