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Reserves Grand Final Match Recap

Monday, October 4, 2021 - 11:23 AM

It was Grand Final heartbreak early Saturday morning for the Reserves side losing their battle to Perth by 6 points. 

In a low scoring affair, Perth’s one extra look at goal proved costly in a game of inches and resulted in their taste of Premiership success and Subiaco to fall so close. 

Had there been an extra 30 seconds to play out, the result could have been a different story, as the ball didn’t seem to leave Subi’s forward half with repeat entries and just a goal the difference as the siren sounded. 

Jack Beverley was amongst best-on-ground with 16 touches and 12 tackles. Corey Robinson was not too different topping the count with 18 and finished with a goal to his name. 

Putt fought his hardest with 30 hitouts being the big man in the middle. 

Subi had just four goal kickers in such a low scoring game; Ryan Borchet with 3, J. Faraone, Robinson and Robbins all kicking one each. 

PERTH          2.3   3.6    6.8   7.9   (51)
SUBIACO      1.1   4.1   5.2    6.9   (45)

SUBIACO BEST: P Mullane, G Savigni, L Henderson, J Beverley, R Borchet
SUBIACO GOALS: 3- R Borchet 1- C Robinson, J Faraone, J Robbins