Meet Our Recruits: Brandon Matera

Friday, February 19, 2021 - 8:30 AM

We sat down with new recruit and ex- Gold Coast Sun and Fremantle Docker Brandon Matera to find out a bit more about himself, asking some hard-hitting questions.

Name: Brandon Matera

Position: Foward/Midfield

Junior Club: Bullcreek Leeming

Nickname: Fish

What attracted you to Subiaco? The culture of the club and also being able to play with my brother

What can we expect from you as a player? A small little guy running around the forward line trying to be creative and kicking snags

Pre-Game superstitions: Lasagna or pasta night before

Favourite AFL Player: Luke Ryan 

Most annoying teammate (experience so far): Bailey Matera 

Cricket World Cup Final or NFL Super Bowl? Super Bowl 

Favourite Holiday Destination: Croatia 

Screamer in goal-square or goal from 60m out? Probably goal from 60 cause I can’t jump that high

Most used appliance? BBQ