New in 2021 - Reserved Seating

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 12:07 PM

Did you know you can reserve your seat for the 2021 Season in the Subiaco Members Grand Stand?

New in 2021, the club will also be offering a ‘reserved seating’ add-on option for seats in the Subiaco members area.  

Members will have the opportunity to secure their seat for all Subiaco home games next season for a small fee. 

All seats purchased as an add-on with your membership are reserved for the full game day, with a ‘reserved seat’ seat cover and your name clearly outlined on the seat.

Secure yout seat via the Subiaco Membership Website when you renew.

The Subiaco Football Club has also put a price-freeze on all memberships next year and all members will receive a membership pack in addition to their 2021 membership card.

If you haven’t renewed your 2021 Subiaco membership yet, renew online by going at When members renew, there will be the option to opt in to the Lions Advantage Payment Plan. 

By signing up for an Lions Advantage Payment Plan, your membership will automatically roll over at the end of each season, ensuring your membership is renewed each year without the worry of missing deadlines.

You will receive notification prior to payment being deducted from your nominated credit card and you can opt out at any time, with no penalties or consequences.

Please view our membership website to view our Lions Advantage Payment Plan terms and conditions.