Golds/Ladies Forum Meeting - October

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 1:28 PM

A great dinner meeting concluded this year’s activities especially having Matt Priddis as guest speaker relating to his club involvement through the various grades at Subi and the requirements necessary at AFL level to remain competitive.

Board member Kristi Annear was guest of the Ladies Forum and communicated to members on the objects of our recently established Lion Foundation.

The menu for this occasion was secretly organized and presented by Golds & Club Life Members Basil Fuller and Mick Bailey. Results of this special event was highly-rated and appreciated.

While several meetings were cancelled this year due to virus restrictions. Golds fundraising to support club gym and player changeroom facilities finished in line with expectations. The Ladies Forum finances supported the Colts Grand Final activities.

Planning for next year has commenced.

Next meeting 2nd February 2021 and includes the AGM.

Club President is a usual attendee bringing to members current and ongoing plans for the forthcoming season. New members are welcome to both our groups.


Golds – Ross Lockhart (0407 907 489) or 

Ladies – Dee Kitson (0408 941 858)