Yarran still part of the Subiaco Family

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 12:31 PM

On Friday 22 November, Subiaco players Justin Joyce and Angus Litherland presented a cheque on behalf of the playing group to Kristy Ninyette, partner of the late Shane Yarran. Funds were raised  throughout the year at multiple player events and football trips.

Gus put a great idea together about giving a portion of our fundraising to Yaz’s young family” said Justin Joyce. “At the end of the season we then put the word out to the players that we were raising some money for Yaz and anyone who wanted donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Whether it was $5, $50, or $100, we knew that it would go a long way in helping Kristy and their two beautiful children”.

The playing group were able to gift over $2,200 to Kristy and her family. Kristy could not express how much the generous offer meant to her, which all the boys are proud of. “A heartfelt thanks for the generosity of the SFC Players kind gesture of contributing monetary donation to myself, Scarlett & Shane Junior. There are no words to describe my appreciation, Yaz would be so proud of the club and the Playing group! He truly adored SFC and considered the club family, the club continue to exceed my expectations with their love and support” Ninyette said.

Justin Joyce discussed the Subiaco Football Club’s culture, “Any person that walks through the doors, whether that be player, trainer, admin are always a part of the footy club. Being there for each other is a very powerful thing, as you gain enormous levels of respect and trust off the field which usually translates well on the field. Joyce added that “it makes you proud to be at a Club where there is so much care for everyone at the Club”.

Justin Joyce has fond memories of Shane Yarran and his time at the Subiaco Football Club.
Yaz was certainly one of a kind, I think his smile and kind nature was infectious for anyone that was around him. My fondest memory was first meeting him when he was playing for Peel in the reserves. We ended up beating them by about 100 points, but I think he kicked all their goals and took the biggest hang I’ve seen. The next week Schoey somehow got him playing for us in the last week of the season and he dominated for us, kicking about five goals. Then the first day of pre-season there he was, hanging on the wall with his big grin and I couldn’t believe it.”

Yaz will never be forgotten for his freakish abilities on the field, but I think more for his personality off the field and love for his family” said Joyce.