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Subi People - Owen Di Candilo

Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 11:26 AM

It is arguably the greatest smile associated with the Subiaco Football Club, the one given by one of the Subiaco’s youngest yet most loyal fans, Owen Di Candilo.


Owen was diagnosed at three months of age with Lissencephaly and Double Cortex Syndrome, stemming from a genetic deletion in an X Chromosome. Lissencephaly is a rare genetic brain malformation, where the brain develops smooth like an egg without folds and grooves, that has also resulted in Owen having spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, epilepsy tendencies and global development delay.


Despite his medical condition, Owen continues to fight every day, flashing his wide smile and embracing each day with a steely determination.


Owen’s journey and love as a Subi Person, can be directly linked to his mum Taryn Di Candilo, who is the sister of current Subiaco league coach Jarrad Schofield and like Jarrad, Taryn’s involvement at the football club stretches back more than 20 years to when Jarrad first started playing for the club in the early nineties.


Taryn and husband Vince are equally treasured as loyal Subi People with their ongoing willingness to support the Lions while continuing to provide the best life for Owen.


“The football club has been part of our family’s lives since I was a young girl, our family has grown up with football and so has Owen,” Taryn said.


“The support from the wider community from the football club has been amazing to us as a family.”


Owen is the only nephew of league coach Jarrad Schofield, and Owen plays a significant part in every match day for the Subiaco Football Club.


“It was a running superstition for some time that Owen always had to visit Uncle Jarrad on the morning before a game for a good luck kiss,” Taryn said.


“We kept it up for some time until Subiaco lost a game, now we usually try and get Owen out on the ground at quarter time when he is there to give Jarrad a kiss after he has spoken to the team.”


While Owen has a reduced life expectancy and will be globally delayed, his continued fight is something that embodies the spirit of a sporting club; never give in.


More widely Taryn’s ambition to raise awareness of Lissencephaly shows that same determination of her son Owen, determined to make a difference in the lives of others.


Taryn has a website dedicated towards Owen, showing his progress and generally raising awareness of Lissencephaly.


The 2014 Subiaco Premiership goes down as one of the most memorable days in recent history and this was no different for the Di Candilo family who were on hand to watch Subiaco raise the premiership cup and experience their own celebration post match.


“After the 2014 Grand Final win, we sat Owen inside the –premiership cup to one of the cutest celebratory pictures,” Taryn said.


Again, that smile that can light up any room, lighting up the Subiaco Football Club.


Owen Di Candilo, another one of the great Subi People.


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To purchase an Entertainment Book through the Subiaco Football Club and help support Owen, either visit Subiaco reception Monday to Friday or contact the club on 9208 9999 and ask to speak to Cameron Palmer.


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