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QBE Day Another Great Subiaco Success

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 9:46 AM

The Subiaco Football Club held its eighth QBE Day with great success in conjunction with Subiaco’s Round Four clash with Claremont.


For the eighth time, Subiaco honoured their ongoing partnership with QBE by donning a special Cyan jumper, with Subiaco winning a hard fought match by 86 points after a tight first half.


This marked the sixth time that Subiaco had won on QBE Day, including its fifth straight win dating back to 2014.


The QBE Day concept was first coined in 2011 to assist with QBE celebrating it’s 125th anniversary.


After receiving wide praise, this has continued to be an annual event with a number of other key achievements recognised in recent seasons including the 30 year partnership between Subiaco and QBE back in 2014.


Now in the 34th year of partnership, Subiaco and QBE have become synonymise with WAFL footy and the partnership continues to be the envy of all other community sporting clubs.


In 2018, QBE Day culminated on a Thursday night for the second time, with Subiaco’s Cyan jumper worn underlights as Subiaco battled Claremont in a Thursday night fixture.


To help celebrate this occasion a host of activities were on offer across the night as well as in the post-match review.


  • The QBE President’s Function held in the President’s Lounge pre-match with Subiaco President Mark Lawrence acknowledging the 34 year partnership between Subiaco & QBE
  • QBE Pre-Match which saw courtesy of Burley and the WAFC, a gift provided to match attendees
  • QBE Half Time which saw local junior club Balga compete in the little league contest while the Maroon & Gold Box Challenge was set up with children in attendance able to win a new Subiaco footy
  • QBE Jumper Competition saw a signed 2018 Subiaco Cyan Jumper on offer with over 250 people going into the draw to win this great prize.
  • QBE Man of the Match for QBE Day won by captain Kyal Horsley after a 31 possession and one goal game
  • QBE Play of the Week for QBE Day won by defender Aaron Heal and his great contested mark
  • QBE Banners up around the ground to acknowledge the 34 year partnership between Subiaco FC and QBE
  • An above average attendance, with a host of families enjoying the school holiday Thursday night time slot in attending
  • An above average TV audience with Subiaco FC, WAFC and Channel 7 representatives all pleased with the television audience for a Thursday night clash


The Subiaco Football Club would again like to acknowledge the support of their Principal Partner in QBE and thank all those who either attended QBE night or tuned in on 7Mate to watch the action live.