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By The Numbers - Round 4, 2018

Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 8:20 PM

Subiaco accounted for Claremont by 86 points on the Thursday night of Round Four to make it four wins in a row to start 2018.


It was another big occasion for QBE Night as the Subiaco players put on their Cyan jumpers for the one night in 2018 and produced a clinical performance in overcoming a determined Claremont charge.


Chris Phelan, Brad Stevenson, Kyal Horsley and Drew Rohde were all prominent, take a look back at Subiaco’s most recent win by looking at the numbers that mattered for these four as well as the rest of the Subiaco side.




GOAL KICKERS – Subiaco currently has the top three goal kickers in WAFL footy in 2018. Brad Stevenson, Rhys Waters and Ben Sokol have combined for 42 goals in 2018 so far this year. Quite remarkably this trio has more goals, 42, then what the whole of Claremont’s league side has through four games, 39.



INSIDE 50s – Drew Rohde and Kaidyn Fullgrabe were the surprising nightly leaders in Inside 50 entries for Subiaco on QBE Day. For each Rohde and Fullgrabe this was each a career high in this category.



QBE DAY WINS – Subiaco made it six wins from eight QBE Day matches, as this occasion which helps honour the longest running sports partnership in West Australian footy continues to pay dividends on field for the Lions. This was the fifth straight win wearing cyan for Subiaco, having not lost a game on QBE Day since back in 2013.



TACKLES – Subiaco were plus 11 in tackles again showing a preparedness to work hard around the contest throughout a game that they continued to dominate on the scoreboard. Despite having an average winning margin of over 75 points through four games, Subiaco has outtackled its opponents by an average of five tackles a game as well.



QUARTERS WON – Subiaco has won 14 of a possible 16 quarters so far in games across 2018 showing a strong consistency across games and quarters. So far a first quarter loss to Swans and a drawn second quarter against South Fremantle are the only blemishes on the quarter by quarter results for the Lions.



POSSESSIONS – Chris Phelan produced a career high 35 possessions on QBE Day. It marked the 10th time passing 30, but first time to 35 for Phelan. Interesting to note, with the cyan jumpers used on Thursday night, Phelan was unable to use his regular number 15 jumper, hence his career high actually came in the unusual for Phelan, number 18.



MARGIN – The 86 point final winning margin was the fifth most that Subiaco has beaten Claremont by, and the highest winning margin since winning a 2008 match by a record against Claremont 131 points. The win has made it three wins out of four, greater than 80 points for the hot Lions.



GOAL KICKING ACCURACY – Brad Stevenson’s incredible start to 2018 has seen the popular key forward convert 17 goals at a goal kicking accuracy of 89%. Stevenson has missed just two shots on the year, with a record of 17.2 through the first four games. Stevenson kicked four goals without a miss on QBE Day.



GAMES TOGETHER – Kyal Horsley and Chris Phelan were both recognised at the Life Member’s Dinner the Friday Night after QBE Day. The win over Claremont was the 112th that the duo had played together. Of those 112 games, Horsley and Phelan have shared a victory in 81 of those games.