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Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 8:57 PM
The Subiaco Football Club wishes to express its full support to Josh Deluca.
The Subiaco Football Club is extremely disappointed about the clear failure of the WAFL process that has led to an outcome that is both unjust and serves to damage our player's reputation.
Both the actions and processes followed by the West Australian Football Commission and the Claremont Football Club in recent days have left this Club very frustrated.
Claremont Football Club officials have failed to act in good faith in spite of repeated efforts at conciliation and instead have actively sought to refer this case to the WAFL Tribunal. 
This failure has tarnished Josh Deluca with being found guilty of a broad racial vilification label.  We accept that vilifying a player’s ethnic origin is unacceptable and does not meet community standards but it is a very different proposition to a racial/colour slur. 
The Subiaco Football Club unwaveringly supports Josh Deluca and his conduct during the process has only enhanced his integrity.


Peter Capes

Chief Executive Officer

Subiaco Football Club