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Reserved with Matt Cavedon - Round 3

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 2:36 PM

New Subiaco Reserves coach Matt Cavedon will be checking in across the season with a segment called "Reserved" as he keeps Subiaco fans and members updated on the performance of the Subiaco Reserves team.


In his first edition of "Reserved", Matt gives his take on last weeks narrow loss and follows up on the challenge of Friday night's clash with Claremont.


Matt, another week, unfortunately another narrow loss, how did you feel about this loss compared to the one against South Fremantle?

We were happy with the endeavour but we went away from our structure and process which was disappointing. The boys have taken onboard the feedback and certainly understand the areas we need to tighten up.



Didn’t really seem to be a wind advantage, yet Swans dominated quarters 1 and 3; your boys 2 and 4, any reason the game went that way in your opinion?

I think we started poorly in the first and made some adjustments with our forwards in the second quarter which got us back into the game, the last quarter we changed the balance of numbers and put them under pressure. Unfortunately we were wasteful with our ball usage going forward. 



A bit of a case of the same old guys doing the bulk of the work for you again this week. Michael Braut, Daniel Leach and McKenzie Lawrence again named in the best, and those three have been consistent performers all season so far?

I agree the three mentioned are performing consistently, they also understand the Subiaco way and what is expected to play for the club; so it is no surprise they have been solid contributors. The challenge for them is to be resilient and continue performing at the level, they need to keep taking the feedback from coaches onboard to allow them to push for League opportunities.



Those guys are leading the way, is it a case of your younger guys needing to match their consistency for longer, the young players are showing signs, but probably not just across the four quarters so far?

We focus on two things Our Method and Our Energy. Our Energy has generally been sound and consistent and therefore I can’t criticise their efforts across 4 quarters. However, as a group and in our respective lines we have been inconsistent in Our Method. As a group we need to keep educating and improving week to week. As individuals the younger players have a focus to develop their strengths into weapons and work on specific areas of their game. 



Early in the season, has there been any player you have been impressed with, maybe performing in a new role, or who has stepped up across the pre-season and into the season itself?

A couple of the Colts have really impressed me. Max Dennis down back is a real competitor and Christian Martin was developing exponentially until he suffered an elbow injury in the Practice Match against East Fremantle, so I’m excited to see him back out there at some point after the bye.



Obviously you were not a part of the side last year, but there are some early similarities in 2018 to 2017 with a young squad finding their feet early in the year, does it give you positivity that this similar side was able to overcome a series of early losses last year?

I haven’t really paid much attention to the previous year’s results. I do take positivity in I know how much growth we have in us both collectively and as individuals which is really exciting. The key is to keep learning from when we don’t get it right. 



Next week, a big challenge against a Claremont side who are unbeaten and sitting on top of the ladder?

Yes exciting stuff, the opportunity to play on Friday night under lights is great. The boys are genuinely excited for the match and keen to perform.



Is the night any different given that you are playing a stand alone fixture on the Friday night, or do you still just see it as business as usual for your boys?

I guess it is slightly different given it is on a week night and most of the boys will have worked or attended university on the Friday. Other than that it’s been a short week and we’ve adjusted the training regime accordingly. Expect the boys to be fresh and raring to go on Friday night.