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Subi People - Angelo Porcaro

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 10:47 AM

A customer walks into Annalice Framing Creations and Angelo Porcaro, owner of Annalice Framing Creations, politely excuses himself from the table where we have been discussing work, life, footy and Subiaco for the past hour.


Angelo greets his customer with a warmth of seeing an old friend, he outlines exactly what he has done to make this ladies revitalised picture as good as new and as she leaves thanks her for her business wishing her the best for the day.


That interaction and exchange would have been the same for thousands of people who have visited Annalice Framing over the past 19 years and shows what sort of man Angelo is, someone who cares about people and is passionate about his work.


His framing may be the passion Monday to Friday, but come Saturday’s in footy season, for Angelo that same passion is instead reserved for the Subiaco Football Club.


Since his first involvement with Subiaco, back in 1966 when he used to sell newspapers near Subiaco Oval, as a kid to make some pocket money, you would be hard pressed to find a supporter as knowledgeable and passionate about the club.


Coming from an ethnic family, Angelo never played footy in his younger years with his late father having a stronger passion for soccer.


For Angelo that newspaper business was the start of a passion for Australian Rules that would only grow over the years.


That passion comes across when Angelo speaks about his favourite Subiaco team, the 1973 Premiership winning side. Angelo can list exactly where everyone played in that game and can remember every vivid detail of what was a famous day for Subiaco fans.


“I was fortunate enough to get myself and a friend into the Subiaco members area for the 1973 Grand Final,” Pocaro said.


“I still can see one particular goal that Keith Watt kicked right in front of us, taking on three opponents and threading through a kick with little goal to aim at, it was a magic moment and a magic game.”


Angelo continued to enjoy games in his late teenage years and as a young adult with a group of 10- 20 friends, some from school years, some that he had met through his involvement in the football club.


The group used to have their own specific spot which they would sit and watch the game from and took great pride in being able to bring a certain energy and passion to the game.


“People used to enjoy being in our little group or sitting with us I think,” Pocaro said recounting those fun moments on Saturday’s at Subiaco Oval.


“We enjoyed the banter and I think we added something to each game.”


Friendships that were forged at Subiaco games back in the 1970’s and 1980’s have lasted to this day for Angelo with he still enjoying the odd game with Garry Rodan, another member of the group back all those years ago.


As the years progressed, Angelo found himself working for Prestige Toyota and the General Manager at the time Bob Craig and Angelo were both big Subiaco fans. As such they looked into sponsoring the club and at the time donated a substantial amount of $5,000 and two cars for the coach Ken Armstrong and Subiaco General Manager Mike Flanagan.


Over the years, Angelo would build a number of great relationships with those in and around the Subiaco Football Club, and Armstrong was one that Angelo was proud to call a friend.


After Angelo finished with Prestige Toyota, he took on his own business after building a passion for creation.


“I enjoyed working with my hands and started to do a number of Tuscan Style French Mirrors and furniture makeovers,” Angelo said when asking about how the origins of Annalice Framing Creations were formed.


“I was self taught and some friends asked me to do some framing for them, and it was something I really enjoyed.”


“When I started I was working out of my own open air carport, but eventually decided to get a workshop and focus on framing and that’s really where Annalice Framing Creation came to be.”


That decision some 19 years ago has grown into Annalice Framing Creations, a proud local Leederville business and now sponsor of the Subiaco Football Club for all those 19 years.


Only Principal Partner QBE and President Mark Lawerence’s corporate involvement with the club stretches further than those 19 years that Angelo and Annalice Framing Creations do hold, it is that longevity as a partner that Angelo is most proud of.


Over the time Angelo has seen some great Subiaco players. Keith Watt always remained a favourite and Brian Sierakowski because of his physical approach made him loved by Angelo.


In recent years players like Ali Pickett, Aidan Parker and Darren Rumble were all great to watch and to this day he enjoys watching Lachlan Delahunty as one of the favourites of the modern team.


As for the future, Angelo expects he will continue to be involved at the club for many years to come.


Angelo’s commitment to Subiaco for over 50 years now makes him own of the very cherished Subi People.


From humble beginnings running a paper route around Subiaco Oval to being one of the most long tenured Corporate Partners of the Subiaco Football Club, Angelo Pocaro has grown to be a truly great Subi Person.