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Joycey's Clangers with Hayden Kennedy

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 5:44 PM

After positive reviews to episode one, Joycey's Clangers is back for episode two as popular Subiaco veterans Justin Joyce and Clancy Wheeler put tough defender Hayden Kennedy under the spotlight of Joycey's Clangers.



Joycey and Clanger take Hayden back to his roots in a famous Subiaco country town, find out some of his hobbies and who he thinks is the best electrical business in town.

See which host Hayden praises when going "Inside 50" and just who Hayden will take on in the "Take On Challenge" as he looks to put the Subiaco boys on the board.


Joycey's Clangers, the best in entertainment and footy at the Subiaco Football Club.