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Joycey's Clangers with Josh Deluca

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 3:35 PM

Subi TV is delighted to present a brand new series for 2018, Joycey's Clangers.


Popular veteran players Justin Joyce and Clancy Wheeler play host to a new show that looks to take members and fans inside the Subiaco Football Club and Subiaco's players.


Each week, Joycey and Clanger aim to hit the hard questions of their teammates, put each player under pressure in the "Inside 50", and challenge the Subiaco players to the "Take On Challenge".


In today's first episode Joycey and Clanger ask a returning Josh Deluca how he has changed and what about the club has changed in the past four years. Keep an eye as Clanger stumps Josh "Inside 50" and see who Josh chooses between a goal kicking challenge with Clanger and a maths challenge with Joycey.