Strength and Conditioning Update - June

Friday, June 26, 2020 - 11:30 AM

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The 2020 season gets underway on 18 July against Claremont at Leederville Oval, as Subiaco look to try and accomplish a 3-peat and win another Premiership this year.

It's great to have the full squad back in full contact training ahead of the round one clash after the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Matt Olds said that the players have been raring to go and enjoying being back in full-contact training.

It's great to have the full squad back in full contact training. The first full contact session we had, they boys (players) were pretty hard at it, and we had a few sore bodies after the session. Thankfully, we had a few days of complete rest for boys to recover to repeat a few days later. You can definitely see the intensity that the boys are going at” said Olds.

Michael Farmer, Football Operations Manager at Subiaco Football Club praised the players and support-staff in how they have adapted to the new protocols and training requirements due to the COVID-19 situation. “The professionalism the players and staff have shown during this time is a credit to all of them” said Farmer.

Throughout the shutdown, all Subiaco senior players had their own individualised programs to keep themselves moving and keep them in a good condition to come back ready play.

Full credit to the boys, they came back in great nick from a physical standpoint. We had a majority of the squad run personal bests in their 2km Time trial, with a number of guys running very close to their PBs. In the gym we’ve seen a solid rush of boys keen to get back into somewhere that’s got a full set up and they’ve been able to get back to their previous strength levels pretty quickly” said Olds.

Currently the team is tracking really well, all healthy and in good condition. The strength and conditioning team have been able to reintroduce contact training as best as possible to try to decrease the risk of contact injuries.

Talking about the change in start date from August 1 to July 18, Matt Olds said “We had planned for different scenarios of a return date and when we got wind after the 1st August date was announced that the season could be brought forward, we rehashed our plans again to be able to make our program as adaptable as possible. Then it was just a waiting game to confirm” said Olds.

With the players coming back in great condition, there has been no need to spend time running a mini pre-season. Instead, this has allowed the team to focus on the SFC game plan and style of play to build their training loads, and really hone in on making sure the team is strong and resilient from a physical perspective. 

Currently there are around a dozen guys on the rehab list with few long term injuries from before the COVID shutdown. A few guys who were injured before the shutdown we able to follow their rehab programs quite diligently and get back to full if not near full capacity.