Colts team ramping up for 2020!

Friday, June 19, 2020 - 9:37 AM

The Subiaco Colts are back in full contact training as a whole squad, ahead of the start of the 2020 Colts Season; after training in small groups of up to 20 players for a few weeks prior to the most recent COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.

The squad trains at Les Lilleyman Reserve and will train every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's for the next few weeks, in the lead up to games. The players training load will continue to ramp up; to prepare the team for practise matches and match simulation after returning from non-contact training.

Talking about the COVID-19 shutdown period, Subiaco Talent Manager Kristian Dicton said it was tough to manage in such unprecedented times, however, the coaches made sure to stay in regular contact with the squad. "The coaches and players had a weekly catch up each week to make sure everyone was okay and in a good headspace, but also to monitor players completing their individual programs".

Kristian Dicton added "The financial impact due to COVID-19 has meant many of our staff have had to take significant pay cuts or be made redundant, but have all elected to continue on with their roles and finish what they started in season 2020. It’s a great reflection of the staff and playing group we have at the club. So a massive thank you to all the talent staff".

Senior coach Beau Wardman attended Colts training on Monday, speaking with players and coaches in preparation for the season ahead. Beau's messaging was around setting high standards and maintaining them, attention to detail, and only worrying about what we can control. The main message was about having fun and enjoying the challenge, now that football is back.

Dicton discussed how beneficial it is to have a strong relationship between the colts and senior team. "Farms, Beau and the senior program have been fantastic in supporting Subiaco's talent teams. Obviously, with recruiting restrictions applied to Subi it's imperative we maintain a great relationship with the senior program and club to continually provide a pathway for our metro and country zoned talent and also a pathway for our coaches and staff" said Dicton.