Supporting Holman Industries during COVID-19

Monday, March 30, 2020 - 9:15 AM

Current events regarding COVID-19 are unprecedented for our community, for the WAFL and the greater football community.

This is a very difficult time for everyone and it’s safe to say that this is one of the biggest challenge’s the football industry has faced in the modern era.  

In this new segment, we talk with Subiaco Football Club sponsors and discuss how each business has been affected by Coronavirus, and how Subi fans and members can support them during these times.

We caught up with the Managing Director of Holman Industries, Wally Edwards.

How long have you been a sponsor of Subiaco Football Club?

2020 would be the second year being the Principal Partner of the Subiaco Football Club.

How is your company coping with the COVID-19 Crisis?

It will be tough because of the uncertainty of what the Goverment will do and how badly this will affect the financial capacity of the Australian population.

Are you still working and open for business?

We are - we will stay open as long as we allowed to be open.

Have you to make any tough calls during this crisis?

Yes. Unfortunately we have had to put some staff off. We are reducing our operating costs as much as we can.

How can the Subi members and fans support you during this time?

Support and buy Holman products in Bunnings and elsewhere - garden watering, vertical gardens and shadehouses, garden lighting and PVC fittings.


More information about Holman Industries can be found at