Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 11:00 AM

What is the current situation for 2020 Optus WAFL Premiership Season?
The 2020 WAFL season has been postponed until 31 May due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The club acknowledges the recommendations of the Federal Government to limit mass gatherings and supports the AFL and WAFL’s decision to prioritise the health and safety of the community.

I am a Subiaco member with gameday access, what will happen to my membership?
We are still working through what the impact of COVID-19 will have on our club and subsequently our membership program.

As soon as the WAFL confirms how the 2020 season will be structured, we will work through this as a club and communicate to our members as efficiently as possible.

I need to speak to someone at the club about my membership/game access/merchandise.
We understand our members and fans may have a lot of questions regarding the current situation and thank you for your understanding and patience as we aim to share as much information as possible as things progress.

We ask that you understand that our staff may not be able to provide all the answers to your questions right now and recommend that you follow our updates via email, Club website and the official Club app to keep up to date with the latest news.

Our Membership Team is on hand to assist with further queries the best they can and can be reached at info@subiacofc.com.au

What else is the club doing to minimise the spread of COVID-19 to staff and players?
Our ongoing and critical priority is the health and well-being of all of our people, including that of our players, staff, members and supporters.
That is why, for example, we have closed to the public the club's reception area at Leederville Oval, and have put in place measures for staff to work remotely when needed. 

Our players are having to train on an individual basis offsite from the club this means training at local parks or ovals but as a unit, the players keep in regular contact and the club staff are vigilant in their communication with the players at all times.

How can we support the club at this time?
Current events are unprecedented for our community and for the WAFL, and we need your support more than ever! 

Members and fans can also continue to shop online and purchase memberships online.

Members and fans can also make a donation to the club to assist us during these uncertain times. We understand everyone will be impacted by this crisis, however, if you are in the position to assist, we would like your support.

Lastly, like the Club many of the local businesses and sponsors need your help to survive. We are sponsored by a number of businesses with a wide range of products and services.

We truly appreciate your support and understanding as we all navigate this uncertain period.