Subiaco faithful reunite nation-wide

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 1:56 PM

Over the Australia day long weekend, the South West Lions had their annual gathering, all meeting at Caves House in Yallingup, a group that included past players and past-present board members.

Those in attendance included; Grant Callaghan, Shane Cocker, Ian Dargie, Warren Dean, Peter Hales, Tony Hall, Alex Hamilton, Bret Hutchinson, Laurie Keene, Dwayne Lamb, Mark Lawrence, Andrew Macnish, Kevin Merifield, Ray Nelmes, Ian Rakich, Phil Scott, Brian Sierakowski, Kevan Sparks and 14 of their lovely partners.

Organiser and self-appointed Chair, Laurie Keene spoke of the pride past players have for the club and its achievments in the last 20+ years.

Laurie also pointed out the visiting Perth Demons fanatics Ian Miller and Bill Mitchell, that Subi have been in 18 Grand Finals since their last grand final appearance in 1978, which they lost. They are the centre in the picture (below), proudly holding our 2019 Premiership Cup privatley wishing their team was the Lions.

Just after Christmas on the 27 December, the annual Subi dinner in Melbourne was organised for those Subiaco faithful located in Victoria, with Richard Maloney, David Parkin, Ross Smith, Lawrie Woodman, Mike Fitzpatrick, Gary Crouch and Mark Zonotti all attending.