Subiaco heads to Lancelin

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 9:00 AM

This weekend will see the Subiaco Football Club senior players and coaching staff head to Lancelin for their annual training camp. The camp will look to provide the senior group to build stronger connection, unity and trust.

Over the two days, there will be a host of different activities and challenges, each designed to challenge players and staff to build deeper relationships with team mates and staff. “With a transition in the group over the last 12-months, it is important we look to fast-track our players leadership, team work and sense of belonging within the Club” said head coach Beau Wardman.

In line with the club’s player personal development objectives, players will also learn some life skills to use beyond football; ranging from problem solving, communication, team work, leadership, presenting, and self-awareness.

Wardman said “the camp will also be a reference point for our coaches and leaders to use learning outcomes throughout the season”.

This year’s camp will carry the theme of Leadership, Communication and Connection and will challenge players physically and mentally through a range of interactive activities, challenges and fellowship.”

The players will arrive in Lancelin just after 9am and will get underway shortly after a brief welcome and briefing.