Subiaco announce 2020 leadership team

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 8:00 AM

Last night, the 2020 Subiaco Football Club leadership team was announced with players and members of the board present.

A week ago, players participated in a session reviewing what they would like to see from our leadership groups and what they believe are the required attributes of a good leader. Conducted in small groups separating senior and development players, the entire squad were provided some thought provoking feedback.

Following this session, all players voted 5 -1 on their preferred leaders based on the discussed criteria. 

"The players in this years leadership group were unanimously voted in by the playing group and supported by the coaching staff. The addition of two-new leaders to the group from last year will provide good transition and sustainability for the years to come whilst those retained within the group will provide the consistency and endorsement of the success they have had over the last couple of years" said Wardman.

"We believe it is a great mix of players comprising a wide range of ages from 28-22, varied experience levels including AFL and Interstate, representation of players originating from of our regional and local Subiaco programs."

Captain - Leigh Kitchin

Leaders - Angus Litherland, Jordan Lockyer, Ben Newton, Lachlan Delahunty, Hayden Kennedy, Greg Clark, and Ben Sokol

"We won’t have an offical vice-captain, instead spread the load across our leaders who’s primary responsibility will be to assist Leigh in the implementation of the club values and behaviours and ensuring consistency through the playing group as leaders of their individual PODs. They will also be support mentors for the players in their PODs where they will facilitate shared learning opportunities on and off field" said Wardman.