Colt Corner with Chayce Creedy

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 11:59 AM

The Subiaco Colts have had a tough start to their 2019 campaign going winless through their first four matches.


However, throughout the whole season so far, the group has continued to be competitive in matches and have continued to show the right progress forward with that breakthrough win looking close.

Colts Coach Chayce Creedy checked in to give an update on how the team is looking and takes a positive look ahead with still three quarters of the season to go.



Chayce, tough start to the season, how have you assessed the first six weeks of the season?


It certainly has been tough in terms of wins and losses and the margins by which we have lost has been a little disappointing but perhaps not unexpected. We have played 32 of the squad and of those we have had 17 debut to the level so that is a reasonable transition coming off last year. What it has meant we have had to do as a coaching group is continue to simplify the messaging and focus on key areas and then hopefully we start to see some results. While we haven’t had wins on the board there have been some moments of gold and we have been more than competitive in patches of games but with a young group we are searching for the consistency needed at this level to compete. We have made sure we have acknowledged the good stuff that we have done and to the boys credit the way they have been able to stay motivated and striving to be better has been pleasing.



You have been very competitive in matches all year, led Swans for a half, matched Peel for two quarters, must be frustrating that you can’t quite pull it all together for the full four quarters?


We have actually been in positions at 3 quarter time in a couple of games where we thought if we could continue to press we might get a result but again as I mentioned above consistency is key and that is from contest to contest, quarter to quarter and week to week and we just haven’t had that which has allowed teams to capitalize when we have dropped in application. So while it has been frustrating for us as a group it has simply engaged us to continue to find that even application across the board and driving standards and behaviours that allow us to compete harder for longer. We have worked hard on skill level because we know that has been what leads to big scores against and we are giving 60 points a week on average just on turnovers which is simply not good enough and something we are working hard to correct.



Individually you have had some outstanding performances, Tristan Hobley has been brilliant all year, Nic Martin has had some big games as has Ben Golding. How impressed have you been with these three boys individual efforts?


We have been working with all of the above mentioned to have greater influence in games and on our group and we have more work to do there, but Martin and Hobley go into the state program in really good touch and we know they will have impact at that level and we hope we have helped them in some way to be successful. What that allows now is blokes like Golding who has been good for us and other young players to step into the holes left behind and strut their stuff. We look forward to that happening and hopefully they find their feet and start to own that position and continue to grow.



Likewise, difficult as a captain to constantly lift your side, but Jacob Peletier has week in, week out been one who has given his all for the team?


Pele has been excellent and works his backside off to help lift his team, we have been working hard not only with him as captain but the whole leadership group to show what leadership is and sometimes it’s not about possessions but what you are doing within games to influence the team and keep them motivated and on task. They are taking that on board and making it their own and that in itself has been positive for the group. Pele is an outstanding individual and a great leader who the boys get in behind. I can’t wait for him to lead this group off after a victory.



That time of year where state sides start to take shape, which of the Subiaco boys selected in the respective squads can make an impact for WA? 


As I Said above Martin and Hobley go into the program in pretty good touch and are ready to have impact. They are understanding of the areas they can improve and this will only help them and they are both wonderful young men who we know will represent Subiaco and their Families with great distinction and we wish them all the best. In the under 16s Matt Johnson has debuted for us at colts level and stood up really well so along with Jayden Crane, Richard Farmer and Campbell Henderson who have all been excellent in the futures they will be sure to excite in the upcoming championships.



The state bye has probably come at a good time to help reassess, anything different that you have done over the break, anything different your expecting from your team over the next few weeks?


To be honest it couldn’t come at a worse time, we took some time after our first bye when Subiaco faced the Eagles to do some reflection and get our messaging and focus points right and then have only had 2 games in which to enact it in. The first week against Peel we were blown away early and late but were more than competitive through the middle parts with a very young group and then against the ladder ladders two weeks ago we played our best footy of the year and then let ourselves down in the second half and after that you don’t want a bye we want to play again to hopefully put together 4 quarters.



The other bright side of the talent program has been the performance of the Futures, who have been unbeaten so far and sit at the top of the Futures ladder, what has made them become the standout WAFL Futures team in 2019?


This has been a shining light in our talent program and hasn’t happened by chance, Stu Page would say it’s all him and to some extent he would be right but they are really well coached and also a well driven group. We had a joint training session over the bye and they are a great group who are receptive to learning and giving their all. They have some very exciting talent within their ranks and they play well as a group. We are excited to watch them grow into our Colts program over the coming years and also finishing their work in the second half of the futures comp.



You have had a few of those Futures boys that have been able to make their Colts debut, Matt Johnson is one, who has handled the step-up handily, are there any boys from Futures who have already made an impact within the squad or who you expect to have an impact?


Matt Johnson has been the only debutante and handled the level well and we continue to work on his defensive side. We had 7 players who went back as over age players and performed well who will push for a colts opportunity later in the year in Ronan Rose, Blake Morris and Brodie Everett and Jaxon Mcgowan come to mind. We also think Jayden Crane has something to offer at this level and continues to press his case, so all in all there is some level of excitement about our future.



This weekend, a match with South Fremantle who have only had the one win so far, seems a great opportunity for your boys to break through for that first win of 2019?


It certainly does and the boys are excited for the challenge, it won’t be easy as the one win they had was against East Fremantle who we rate highly but if we can turn up like we did against Swans and put it across 4 quarters we are a big chance. Take nothing for granted but we are very driven and will be trying as hard as possible the Subi way hopefully we get the day off to the right start for the club.



Thanks for your time Chayce.