GOLDS & Ladies Forum May Meeting Update

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 11:52 AM

The May Monthly Meeting for Golds and the Ladies Forum was held in the Leederville Sports Bar & Functions Centre last week, with a good turnout of members enjoying the comradery of Subiaco’s Coterie Groups.


The members were joined by new 2019 league players in Jack Mayo, Harry Marsh and Jack Beverley, along with the returning Joel Latham giving updates of their season and careers so far.


The players were put through a wide ranging interview with committee member Angelo Porcaro.


Along with the players, corporate manager Cameron Palmer joined the group to update on the improved sponsorship and business development portfolio of the past 12 months.


The other key interview of the meeting was the pleasure of being introduced to a new Golds member in Wayne Barron.


The Barron family has strong ties to the club, with Wayne giving an update of his involvement with the club and pursuits away from football.


Both groups were treated to a barbeque dinner prepared by Mick Bailey.


The Ladies Forum update included the record achieving sausage sizzle held at the Round Four match day.


The next combined Golds and Ladies Forum meeting will be held on Tuesday June 4, with members encouraged to attend by contacting Ross or Dee.