Two Subiaco Sponsors Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 7:54 AM

Two long time Subiaco sponsors are celebrating special milestones in 2019, with Topolini’s and Phoenix Holden both celebrating birthdays.


Phoenix Holden this week reached their 40th birthday, having been a mainstay of the car industry and Subiaco sponsorship group over that time.


Phoenix Holden continue to offer special offers to Subiaco members, be sure to visit Phoenix Holden for your next new car purchase and be sure to mention that you are a Subiaco member.


Topolini’s are celebrating their 20th year of operation, with Phil and Jodie having been a mainstay of the Warwick Entertainment Complex since the late 1990’s.


As part of their 20 year celebrations, Topolini’s are offering Subiaco members some special discount specials.


These special deals can be found below:


Subiaco congratulates both Topolini’s and Phoenix Holden for their respective birthday celebrations.