Madoc Plane Leads Subiaco to Colts Grand Final

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 3:00 PM

Two years ago Madoc Plane was a young, talented footballer who was making a tough initiation to WAFL Colts football.


Plane was part of a Subiaco Colts team that won just one game for the 2016 season, with Plane making a colts debut as a fresh 16 year old.


After two wooden spoons and just four wins across 2015 and 2016, no-one could have predicted that two years later the Subiaco Colts would have gone from bottom to top, one win away from the third Colts Premiership in Subiaco history.


Off-field coach Beau Wardman, Talent Manager Michael Farmer and Talent Director Russell Smith have all rightfully been given credit for the turnaround, however in terms of the players, no-one has been as pivotal to the turnaround as what Plane has been, as the exact leader the colts needed, at just the right time.


As for the changes that Plane has seen since 2016, it has come down to having a greater focus within the colts group.


“I think the players have had a greater focus on working to specific team goals,” Plane said.


“The coaches have brought a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, helping the team to bring consistent effort and intensity.”


That greater focus on team and improved consistency, has meant that Colts have made quick headway this season.


“After winning a few games early in the season, I think the realisation that it could be a successful year started to grow on the team,” Plane said.


A determined player who has constantly aimed to get the most out of his football and demanded the same from his teammates, Plane has become a popular figure and leader amongst his teammates and peers.


Plane’s ability to lead was seen through 2017 and was greatly evident through the pre-season of 2018, where he elevated himself to a position where he was the logical choice of captain for 2018.


All season he has justified that decision arguably becoming the best captain in the WAFL Colts competition.


“I think earning the respect of all the players has been something I’ve worked on this year,” Plane said.


“Being able to form friendships with players and coaches has made the year so much more enjoyable.”


Plane has ensured that he has gotten the most out of himself as a leader, consistently looking for feedback across the year.


As well as taking strides forward as a leader, Plane’s game has developed in 2018.


A defence that relies on defending best first, Plane typifies this approach, rarely beaten in individual match-ups.


As for the season, Plane has enjoyed being part of a winning side.


“Winning games has brought the team closer and gives everyone greater trust in each other,” Plane said.


“We have really come together as a team and mates which has helped us push each other to another level.”


Last week’s second semi final win over Swan Districts, which put the Subiaco Colts into their first Grand Final since 1995 was a surreal experience for Plane and his teammates.


“I don’t think it really hit us until after the game,” Plane said.


Now Subiaco’s Colts look forward to being the first Colts team to play at Optus Stadium and look to claim the first premiership in a new era of football.


“I think we are all really excited to play on Optus Stadium,” Plane said.


The excitement though will not take away from what has made the side strong throughout the season, focus to structures and executing a winning game plan.


The successful culture of the senior team has had a big impact on how the Colts have approached the second half of this year.


“The senior program has set a benchmark for us as a colts team to work towards,” Plane said.


“To have such a great winning culture at the club makes it a more enjoyably atmosphere for all the boys.”


Next week Subiaco’s youngest Lions will look to emulate the feats of just two teams previous, 1974 and 1989.


Plane hopes Sunday ends by joining a group of just two that have lifted a WAFL Colts Premiership wearing the maroon and gold.