Sokol Makes Mark in 50 Subiaco Games

Friday, August 24, 2018 - 7:40 AM

Ben Sokol made the move to Subiaco across the 2015/16 off-season determined for more opportunities and to make the most of a second chance.


Last Saturday Sokol reached the 50 game milestone for Subiaco, an achievement worth celebrating as Sokol’s move continues to pay handsome rewards for both club and player for the belief they showed in each other back at the end of 2015.


Sokol who has developed into one of the premier forwards in the WAFL competition looks back on the transition from South Fremantle to Subiaco and still recognises it as the move he had to make to get the most out of his football.


“It’s been the best thing for my footy making the move to Subiaco,” Sokol said.


 “It definitely was the right time to make the move and it’s a move I’m glad I made given the opportunities I have gotten.”


Getting the most out of his football has meant being inspired and being believed in by Subiaco’s senior coach Jarrad Schofield, whose constant belief has been the key to assisting Sokol in providing a consistent option in the Subiaco forward line.


For Sokol his first pre-season at Subiaco and first experience with the Subiaco culture both showed how hard he would need to work to make an impact for the Lions and how determined he was to make the most of his football career.


“At first I probably didn’t realise how much work I needed to put in to be a good WAFL player, I’d always thought I was working hard, but Subiaco challenged me on that” Sokol said.


“The training standard of Subiaco is unlike anything I had experienced before and it is something you see as soon as you come to the club.”


It is credit to Sokol that he has continued to display the dedication to Subiaco’s culture both on field and off field.


Indeed Sokol speaks highly of the Subiaco culture saying it is unlike anything he had experienced in football.


“You really can speak to anyone in the group, from the youngest guy to the oldest guy,” Sokol said.


“There are no divisions, we all enjoy in each other’s success and it is just like a family.”


Since joining Subiaco at the start of 2016, Sokol is tied for the most goals at the club in that time with 103, yet it his ability in another area that he thinks is most important to his success and is what helps assist the team in their success.


“It’s not so much kicking goals that is important to me, it is just playing a role for the team,” Sokol said.


“I probably focus more on my marking, as being able to take a mark is the one way I can make sure I get a kick.”


Sokol’s consistent performances across the past three seasons saw him rewarded with being selected in the WA State Side for 2018.


Though Sokol was ultimately one of the last players cut from the final team, he looks back on what was a positive experience and acknowledges it has given him additional motivation to assist Subiaco in achieving their season goals.


Off the field Sokol completed a degree in teaching and now teaches high school Physical Education.


It is a job Sokol enjoys and says has helped to make him a better footballer and give him a stronger balance to life.


“I think it has helped me become more patient and I am a better public speaker,” Sokol said.


“I enjoy being able to mentor and work with people to pass on my experience.”


Looking back at his 50 game Subiaco career to this point, two games stand out for very different reasons, the first being his first game against his former side South Fremantle where he bagged seven goals and really announced himself to Subiaco fans and teammates alike.


“The first game against South Fremantle was a bit of a turning point for me,” Sokol said.


“People probably didn’t think I could kick a bag of goals like that, and even to be honest it was not something that I had imagined myself doing.”


“I remember how supportive the boys were, they were really excited for your success and it was a great feeling being part of this group.”


The second game that stands out is the 2017 WAFL Grand Final.


While having a good individual game in the 2017 decider, it is still a game and memory that leaves the lingering feeling of desire to go a step further in 2018 for Sokol, disappointed that the first WAFL league grand final experience ended in defeat.


“It is the main driver for all of us this year,” Sokol said.


“We are all after another opportunity on Grand Final day and it has driven us since the first day in pre-season.”


50 games of making his mark, Ben Sokol continues to be the picture of consistency for the Subiaco forward line.