Colts Corner with Beau Wardman | RD20

The Subi colts are on the wrong side of the finals picture but head coach Beau Wardman is confident the team can finish off the season the right way. The Lions have been ultra-competitive over the last few rounds and are hunting wins in their last two games of the season.

Q: A couple of weeks since our last catch up, and unfortunately in that time there has been two tough, narrow losses to potential colt finalists in East Fremantle and Swan Districts. The whole squad must be disappointed that couldn’t find a way to get a win in those two games?
I think everyone enjoys a win, you can’t argue that, but at the same time we played pretty well against East Fremantle for most of the game and lost after the siren. That’s always hard to cop. However, we take pride in the way we played, and I can’t question the effort of our group. They fight back constantly, and our development this year should be evident on the back of a couple of tough seasons.
Q: It has been a tough month of fixtures for your boys, four games against the top four teams in the competition, does it tell you where you are at, that you have been competitive with all these teams, but could not find a way to win any of those games?
It says to all the players and those external the group how far we have come in our competitiveness, skills, discipline and ability to execute against the best in the competition. Our next challenge is getting that consistency for longer periods of time and that is all part of the development process. Winning is a bi-product of how we are playing, and also what the other teams in the competition are trying to achieve. We set small focuses each week for individuals, our line groups and as a squad and we are ticking these off. Our mandate is  exposing players through training at a higher level, providing game day opportunity and also preparing players for senior football and beyond.  
Q: Your last three losses, you’ve either led at half or three quarter time, yet have faded late. Is that a fitness thing or more just an inability to maintain the required pressure across the four quarters?
In isolation you could draw those conclusions. Against East Fremantle, we defended really strongly in the final term when they were kicking with a strong breeze. I think only one goal was kicked to the Marmion St end for the whole game. We lost after the siren from a free kick. Against Swans, we had eleven inside 50s in the final term opposed to their seven, unfortunately they kicked 3.3 against our 2.2. I don’t think it is a fitness issue, Matt Olds and his assistants do a great job in preparing the boys and they work hard on the training track. Our system is there. Are we satisfied? No, we will continue to work hard, there are always improvements we can make and small gains in areas of the game.   
Q: What is the feeling like, having been in a finals position for the majority of the season and now a few weeks out from finals to be on the outside looking in?
I think it has been great for the players to have something tangible to reflect on to see how far they have come. There is no real difference. The players haven’t changed really from round one to now in how they have conducted themselves. I am immensely proud of this group, the players dedication to training, reviews, their gym and rehab work is great – this will hold them in a great position as senior footballers and continuing the success of the Subiaco Football Club going forward. 
Q: Last weekend I believe Mach Deng was voted as your player of the month by the Subiaco Ladies Forum, we’ve spoken about Mach a few times, but his development really has been impressive this season?
Great recognition for Mach, and we really appreciate the support Sue and Ladies Forum provide for the club and particularly the Colts Program. Mach has improved really quickly this year due to his willingness to learn, train, try and review. His repeat efforts around the contest have been a highlight, he has been challenged against taller and stronger opponents but embraced the challenge. He will set himself up for a big 2018.
Wardman chats to Colts forward Che Wyatt 
Q: Kyron Hayden has had a big fortnight, laying 18 tackles in the past two games, does it speak to who he is as a player that despite being widely regarding for his attacking flair, his commitment to the defensive aspects of the game are just as significant?
It’s been a big year for Kyron, to achieve what he has, 13 colts games, 4 state-18s games, plus scratch matches on the back of missing all of 2016 with groin injuries speaks highly of the young man, and his diligence to rehab and preparation. To be rewarded with an invitation to the AFL National Combine speaks to the player Kyron is. Yes, his power and speed at the contest assists with his offence, but his strength and mindset gives him that defensive weapon. 
Q: There was a good article on the Subiaco website regarding your captain Liam Connolly, how have you seen him develop in his season leading this colts squad?
Liam has grown this year from being a lock down defender into one of the competitions best intercept markers and rebound defender. We have worked hard on his decision making and kicking execution and has been a really consistent performer in recent weeks. He has improved his consistency in attacking the contest and opponent which has been great. I am proud of the way Liam has led the team, challenged them at certain times, he has great character. 
Q: You really are now relying on Swans and Perth to beat East Perth in the next couple of weeks, do you keep an eye on those games in the next fortnight, or is your focus on your own boys and their continued development?
Our focus is on what we can do and control to finish off the season as well as we can. The other results will take care of themselves.  
Q: Following this week’s bye, two games to go against West Perth and East Perth, is there anything specific that you will be looking to get from those games?
Look we have played some good football at times over the last few weeks, I would like to see us consolidate that. We will still set our focus areas and the coaches will continue to teach the players aspects of the game. I would like to see us continue to take the game on and be aggressive, our effort has been their all year and this is something the coaches look for.
Q: Knowing you will have to win your last two games, and likely by wide margins to give yourselves a shot at finals, do you change the way you play to be more attacking or is the focus on maintaining your game plan of the season to this point?
Our style has enabled high scoring during the season, kicking 4, 5, and 6 goals at different times in quarters. We know if we execute well and play a strong team brand of football that the scoreboard will look after itself. Experience says, if you focus on the result you generally fall short.


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