WRAP: Round 4 (2017) vs Peel

Subiaco have struck back against the Peel Thunder delivering a 15-point blow at Leederville Oval.

The Lions were well balanced in the Round Four matchup and dominated a majority of the game with their quick ball transition.

2016 Outridge medallist Chris Phelan had a standout game collecting 30 disposals, four inside 50’s’s and a goal. Kyal Horsley gathered 27 touches and a kicked a booming goal on the run and Wayde Twomey (27 disposals) was deadly with his movement from defence.

Subi live-wire Liam Ryan put on another show and took a contender for Mark Of The Year in the third quarter. Ryan finished with two goals alongside strong marking forward Ben Sokol.

Lachlan Delahunty worked fantastically against the AFL talent of Peel to gather 27 touches, five marks and 23 hit-outs.  
Subiaco indicated their desire to pressure the Thunder from the early stages. The game went scoreless in a defensive struggle until Ben Sokol broke through for the first. Peel had enough opportunity to hurt the Lions but the defensive structure was sublime against a host of AFL listed players. The Lions kept Peel goal-less in the first stanza to lead by 13 points.

The second quarter started in Peel’s favour with Blair Bell converting the first major for the Thunder. This inspired a deadly spell from the maroon and goal who combined their speed with some crisp ball movement. Liam Ryan kicked a massive set shot from the boundary and was joined moments later by captain Kyal Horsley who hammered home with his signature left boot from beyond 50. Peel’s Jon Griffin steadied with a set shot but a quick end-to-end movement by Subiaco straight afterwards nullified his effort. Subi led by 27 points at half time

Peel’s Matt Taberner started to have an influence on the game and another contested mark delivered his second. The Thunder looked like they were getting a run on when Leroy Jetta broke away and steered one home from 50. Subi refused to relent their lead however and manufactured a sneaky goal from vice-captain Leigh Kitchin. The difference was 21 points went Liam Ryan added a contender for mark of the year and converted the following goal. Thunder captain Gerard Ugle made the difference 17 points at the final break.
The first goal is always crucial in the fourth term and the game went up a notch when Leroy Jetta slotted his 2nd to make it 12 points. Moments later Matt Taberner got his hands on another forward entry to reduce the deficit to six. After a titanic struggle in the middle of the fourth Subi finally got the breathing room they were looking for. Rowen Powell brought the ball to ground and Chris Phelan swooped up with precision and nailed the shot on the run. Minutes later a classy team goal ended with Brad Stevenson and the big forward dribbled home to clinch a tough win for Subi. 




Chris Phelan is one of the Lions most dangerous players and his ability to make play out of nothing was on display against the Thunder. Phelan worked the stoppages with ferocity and was a key player for Subi when the contest was hot. When Phelan, Kyal Horsley and Leigh Kitchin are on, the Lions are very hard to compete with in the middle. 

All eyes were on Liam Ryan for the 7mate Saturday broadcast and he put on a show. Ryan was all class whenever he touched the ball and took a definite contender for Mark Of The Year (and kicked the goal) at a crucial part of the game. Footy fans across WA are still questioning why the young forward was overlooked in the 2016 AFL Draft but Subiaco are over the moon with how Ryan is developing in 2017. 
Big man Lachlan Delahunty wins our QBE Man Of The Match for Round Four with a massive effort in the middle for Subiaco. Congratulations to Gail Eden for correctly guessing Dela as the MOTM. Contact the club on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9208 9999 to organise your prize! 
Brad Stevenson dribbled home a decisive Subiaco team goal late in the fourth quarter. 
SUBIACO                                   2.5        7.9       9.12     11.16        (82)
PEEL                                          0.4        3.6        7.7       10.7         (67)
Goals; 2 L.Ryan, B.Sokol, 1 L.Kitchin, D.Nelson, B.Fimmano, C.Phelan, K.Horsley, J.Latham, B.Stevenson
Best; C.Phelan, C.Hoskins, B.Sokol, W.Twomey, J.Lockyer
Subiaco’s D-league have lifted to their third win of the season with a two-point triumph over Peel at Leederville Oval.

Strong performances from Adam Cockie (34 disposals and a goal) and Matt Bogensperger (39 disposals) assured dominance in the midfield for Subi and they went from there.
Ryan Borchet was the only Lion to kick multiple goals with both his majors coming in the first half. 
Kalgoorlie product Dylan Clarke was lively and collected 20 touches and generated five inside 50's.
Subi big man Dave Madut was dominant in the ruck with 41 touches and looks prepared for more league football in 2017. 
SUBIACO                                   3.7        6.8       9.10       9.15       (69)
PEEL                                          0.3        1.6       5.10       9.13       (67)
Goals; 2 R.Borchet, 1 R.Polak, D.Perkins, L.Baker, F.Foley, J.Miller, A.Thurkle, A.Cockie
Best; A.Cockie, D.Clarke, R.Borchet, M.Bogensperger
The Subiaco Colts secured their second victory of season 2017, overcoming Peel by 10 points in a thrilling match.
The Lions were coming off a painful loss to West Perth, while Peel were entering the match undefeated.
Kyron Hayden continued his magnificent start to the year, with 23 possessions, five inside 50s and three marks.
He was well supported by Brayden Ainsworth (24 possessions, three inside 50s and a goal), Max Dennis (22 possessions and eight inside 50s) and Nicholas Baroni (21 possessions, and three inside 50s).
Up forward, Jordan Faraone was electric with three goals, while Che Wyatt was the other multiple goalscorer, with two. Duane Smith, Mach Deng, Tom Edwards-Baldwin, Ben Miller, Koby Fullgrabe and Ainsworth all kicked one goal apiece.
In the opening quarter, the Thunder started off with a bang, recording the first three goals of the game with Lachlan Mitchell, Jordan Boullineau and Brandon Penny all converting their opportunities. Jordan Faraone kicked the Lions’ first goal of the game in the 15th minute, and moments later Brayden Ainsworth took a sensational contested mark, before he truly converted to get the Lions within two points at the quarter-time break.
The second quarter couldn’t have started much better, especially when Duane Smith kicked the opening goal of the quarter within the first three minutes. The Lions were then able to withhold Peel’s attacking forays, and in the 14th minute, Che Wyatt kicked his first goal of the game. Damon Cramer kicked a late goal for the visitors and the Lions went into the half-time break with a 3-point lead.
After the main break it was a free-for-all and it was Peel’s Kyle Havelberg who kicked the opening goal. Mach Deng then responded emphatically for Subiaco when he was able to take a strong contested mark, before he slammed through a goal for the instant reply. Brynn Osborne kicked a goal of the year contender for the Thunder, when he was able to bounce a ball through from the boundary line. Ben Miller managed to dummy his way past two opponents before he ran into an open goal, but soon after Jarrad Faziolli got one back for the Thunder. Jordan Faraone, Tom Edwards-Baldwin and Koby Fullgrabe all kicked goals for the Liosn and they went into three-quarter time with a nine-point lead.
The last quarter was frenetic and it was Wyatt who kicked the first goal of the quarter. Unfortunately for the Lions, Osborne and Faziolli kicked goals for the Thunder to get them within three points. Kyron Hayden was able to find Jordan Faraone inside the forward 50, and Faraone went on to kick his third goal to ultimately get the Lions over the line.
Next week, the Lions host co-tenants East Perth on Good Friday where they will hope to secure their third win for season 2017.
Coming off a magnificent outing against West Perth, eyes were on Brayden Ainsworth to see if he could replicate that performance. It was even better. He finished with 24 possessions, five marks, three inside 50s and a goal, to be amongst the Lions’ best. Ainsworth looks like a gun prospect for the Lions going forward.
In his first game of 2017 and first since Rd 22, 2016, Jordan Faraone was exceptional in the Lions’ forward half. He kicked three goals from 13 possessions, including the goal that sealed victory for Subiaco. His defensive efforts were outstanding with three tackles as well as a host of pressure acts, making him a damaging forward offensively and defensively.  
Down back, Liam Hickmott was exceptional for the Lions. He accumulated 12 possessions, and laid two tackles, but his leadership on the ground could not be understated. He was the one down back telling his team-mates where to be and who to match up on, and he knew when to peel off his opponent to help a team-mate who was under pressure.
Kyron Hayden was able to find Jordan Faraone inside the Lions’ attacking 50. Once Faraone converted, the Lions had a 10-point lead, and with not much time on the clock, they were able to run out victors.
SUBIACO                2.5        4.7        9.8         11.10      (76)
PEEL                       3.1        4.4        8.5         10.6        (66)
Goals; 3 J. Faraoe, 2. C.Wyatt, 1. D. Smith, M. Deng, T. Edwards-Baldwin, B. Miller, K. Fullgrabe, B. Ainsworth
Best; L. Hickmott, J. Faraone, B. Ainsworth, K. Hayden 

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