SFC 2017: INS & OUTS

Subiaco have finalised their list for the 2017 season with a notable influx of youth bolstering the team.

Head coach Jarrad Schofield has a big task on his hands as the Lions aim for their fourth consecutive Grand Final with an ever-fluxing list. 
“We’ve obviously lost a chunk of experience with guys like Greg Broughton, Dan Leishman and Brett Robinson moving on,” said Schofield
“You can’t replace it completely but we’ve done a good job in securing AFL listed talent like Gus Litherland, Rowen Powell & Corey Adamson. 
“We’re really excited about some of the kids that have come to the club in the off-season. They are young and skilled.” added Schofield

2017 also presents an opportunity for some of Subiaco’s hidden talents to emerge.
Last year we saw signs from players like Hayden Kennedy, Adam Creeper, Ryan Vermeersch, Max Walters, Braden Fimmano and Mat Bogensperger and this could be the year to shine for the young guns. Subiaco will also re-gain the experience of midfielder Justin Joyce.

“There’s a lot of guys on our list who are ready for a big season. Some of those second tier players who were waiting for a chance have the opportunity to make their mark now,”

“There’s no doubt we’re younger but I feel with the experience we’ve brought in combined with the pre-existing depth, we will be able to compete with the top sides.” added Schofield
The Lions game style has been evolving slightly from year-to-year and Schofield re-iterated that it’s natural to evolve with the assets at your disposal. 
“The game plan will change slightly. The core structure of how Subiaco plays football will remain the same but we’re always looking to evolve,”
“I feel that this year we’ve not only added youth, but a lot of leg speed and some very good users of the ball. We’re hoping to play a little bit faster in 2017.” said Schofield 
Former Hawthorn defender Gus Litherland was a huge signing for Subiaco in the off-season.
Angus Litherland (Hawthorn) 
Corey Adamson (West Coast) 
Rowen Powell (West Coast)
Simon Parry (Donnybrook / Swan Districts)
Bailey Matera (South Fremantle)
Dylan Nelson (Swan Districts FC) 
Nick Menegola (East Fremantle)

Daniel Perkins (East Perth FC)

Daniel Leach (Brigades FC) 
Damon Guiness (Corrigin FC)
Alex Thurkle (Brigades FC)

Scott Hancock

Kyle Halligan

Ray Daniels

Joe Scafidi 
Dave Madut

Ryan Wade

Jack Beverley

Callum Bramley

Thomas Breeze

Aaron Breman

Liam Catalfamo

Sheldon Cooper

Brandon Dowrick

Sean Foley

Fraser Foley

Luke Haliigan

Mckenzie Lawrence

Jacob Miller


Ben Reid 

Daniel Ryan

Ashton Williamson 
Greg Broughton
Ethan Burnett

Dylan Elliott

Abe Kennedy

Dan Leishman

Jake Marinovich

Shaquille Mckenzie

Mitchell McPhee

Simon Moore

Brett Robinson

Kilani Scarrott

Hamish Shepheard

Hayden Yarran 

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