Titan Tough

Subiaco’s women’s affiliate the Coastal Titans shone on AFL W Draft day with eight selected.

Hayley Miller was selected with pick #4 by the Fremantle Dockers and was followed by Titans team-mates Aimee Schmidt (GWS #17), Lara Filocamo (FRE #29), Tiah Haynes (FRE #36), Amy Lavell (FRE #61), Kelly Clinch (FRE #116), Dana Hooker (FRE #132) & Tarnica Golisano (FRE #146).

The eight selected takes the total tally of Titans in the AFL to 11 with Emma King (COL), Renee Forth (GWS) & Kiara Bowers (FRE) previously selected as marquee players.  
WAFC Female Talent Manager Alison Moore congratulated all of the players selected and said it was a terrific outcome for women's football in Western Australia.
“We are really proud of all of the players selected today. They are highly deserving of this exciting opportunity as a reward for all of their hard work and commitment,” she said.
“It also demonstrates what a really great job our WA Women's Football League and Youth Girls clubs and coaches are doing in partnership with our Talent Academy staff and coaches.
“The WAWFL and Youth Girls competitions provide a great platform for female football development and the WAFC has invested in opportunities for elite players to participate in Talent Academies, which has all resulted in a very strong talent pool in our State.
“We will now work closely with community clubs to replenish this talent pool and ensure that we are well prepared to embrace the expected new growth in female participation once the AFL women’s competition is launched next year,” she said.
Players who nominated for the draft but weren’t selected may nominate as free agents and consider options to play interstate. Clubs must select their free agents prior to Monday 31 October to fill the remaining three places on their list.
WA Players Selected:
4 – Hayley Miller (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
13 – Brianna Green (East Fremantle) – Fremantle
17 – Aimee Schmidt (Coastal Titans) – Greater Western Sydney
20 – Ashley Sharp (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
29 – Lara Filocamo (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
34 – Jessica Wuetschner (East Fremantle) – Brisbane
36 – Tiah Haynes (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
43 – Caitlyn Edwards (East Fremantle) – Collingwood
45 – Kira Phillips (Peel Thunderbirds) – Fremantle
52 – Tayla Bresland (Peel Thunderbirds) – Fremantle
61 – Amy Lavell (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
68 – Stacey Barr (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
77 – Melissa Caulfield (East Fremantle) – Fremantle
84 – Cassie Davidson (East Fremantle) – Fremantle
93 – Taylah Angel (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
100 – Belinda Smith (East Fremantle) – Fremantle
109 – Stephanie Cain (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
116 – Kelly Clinch (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
125 – Demi Okely (Peel Thunderbirds) – Fremantle
130 – Dana Hooker (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
137 – Ruby Schleicher (East Fremantle) – Collingwood
139 – Akec Makur Chuot (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
144 – Tara Morgan (South Fremantle) – Collingwood
Tarnica Golisano (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
Kim Mickle (Athletics) – Fremantle
Ebony Antonio (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
Kirby Bentley (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
Gabby O’Sullivan (East Fremantle) – Fremantle
Alex Williams (East Fremantle) – Greater Western Sydney
Kellie Gibson (Swan Districts) – Adelaide
Chelsea Randall (Swan Districts) – Adelaide
Sabrina Frederick-Traub (South Fremantle) – Brisbane
Emma King (Coastal Titans) – Collingwood
Kara Donnellan (Swan Districts) – Fremantle
Kiara Bowers (Coastal Titans) – Fremantle
Renee Forth (Coastal Titans) – Greater Western Sydney
Emma Swanson (East Fremantle) – Greater Western Sydney

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