New WAFL Era

The Subiaco Football Club have been focusing on their game-day experience in 2016 with a host of initiatives and improvements at Medibank Stadium. 

At the start of the year the club installed a bigger scoreboard which has expanded their audio-visual capabilities whilst also delivering a range of theme focused game-days to encourage spectators and members.

SFC Marketing Manager Travis Kalin is the man behind a lot of these features and believes delivering a complete game-day experience is integral for the future of the club.

“We’re trying to give the fans a better experience from start to finish. We talk about street to seat and then satisfying with a more complete game day experience. The standard of football is good quality but to compete with the market you have to cater to a wider audience.” said Kalin
“Over the last year we’ve integrated video content, music, competitions and interactive aspects through smartphones whilst working on a limited budget and we’ve seen some really positive results.” 
The current climate for presenting the WAFL has been challenging since the West Coast Eagles joined the AFL in 1987. The league can’t go back to the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s but WAFL clubs can adapt to ensure their future. 
“You have to be creative in how you spend your money. Utilising tools and building a marketing program is important for the club, especially when you’re working with a tight budget.” said Kalin

“All our media outlets have grown exponentially over the last few years and that’s important in getting information to our fans and members. Working alongside the ours sponsors, WAFL and other clubs is also an important facet and we will continue to develop those relationships.”

Despite WAFL crowds decreasing slowly over the last 20 years Kalin believes the league is in a transition period that they can grow from. With more flexibility, WAFL clubs can now focus on the their game-days to provide some advantages over other entertainment options. 
“We’re competing with a numerous amount of other options in Perth over the weekend so the experience has to be up to standard. The footy is of high quality but that’s not enough in this day and age.” said Kalin
“You look at the Perth Wildcats and the Scorchers and other minor leagues in the USA and it’s all about the full package and we’re hoping to match that sort of experience.”
“Being able to have a kick during the breaks is a huge advantage for WAFL clubs. We have our kick for cash competition and had about 150 people on the oval at half-time against South Fremantle and we’re constantly reinforced with the spectators willingness to engage in game day activities,”
“We’ve also had a handful of game-day events including Good Friday, Bark In The Park, Ladies Day and QBE Day and they’ve driven attendance even although we’ve had some wet, wintery conditions.” added Kalin

Chad Cossom and family attend Bark In The Park

With only two home games left on the schedule Kalin and the Subiaco staff will focus on the Swans and Falcons. 
“We have game day competitions and the online auction wrapping up for our last regular season game at Medibank Stadium against the Swans on Saturday July 30,"
"Then the next Saturday we’re heading to Kingsway Reserve to play West Perth for Family Fun Day which should be an action packed venture. We hope all our members and fans get behind us as we round out the season.” said Kalin

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