New opportunities for diverse talent

Indigenous and Multicultural talent from Subiaco's districts will have the opportunity to be developed and selected by the West Coast Eagles under their new Academies. 

On Tuesday the AFL announced the regions that were allocated to each club with Subiaco's Metro District and the Goldfields (also aligned to Subiaco) being allocated to the Eagles.

The new academies mean that players from the eligible demographics will be selected to work with and develop under the guidance of West Coast staff. If the player fully participates in the Academy for at least three years then the Eagles will be able to draft via a discounted bid, similar to the current academies in place for the GWS and Gold Coast. 

Players of Asian or African heritage (who were born in an Asian or African country or have at least one parent born in an Asian or African country) will be eligible for the bidding rules. Indigenous players will only be eligible for bidding if they have come from the Goldfields while Multicultural players will be eligible whether they live in the Subiaco Metro District or Goldfields.

The concept behind the academies is to boost the amount of diverse talent entering the AFL. We look forward to seeing some of our local heroes running around in the AFL one day.

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