2004 Premiership Reunion

Join us on August 31st vs East Fremantle to help celebrate the 10 year reunion of the 2004 Premiership Team. It has been 10 years since that memorable day when the run of 4 premiership begun.

Who could forget the Lions team that lead from the bounce, Ali Pickett stellar season winning the Sandover Medal, Brad Smith kicking 109 goals, Paul Vines racking up 24 disposals and winning the Simpson Medal, and the leadership of Richard Maloney.

This is an opportunity not to miss and you have the chance to join the team for a pre-game function to celebrate, reminisce and tell stories of how the game was won. This package includes a special pre-game function, halftime function and entry into the game.

This is a big day on the Subi’s calendar for 2014 so make sure you don’t miss out. Space is limited so book your spot now.


About the 2004 Season

Subiaco defeated Claremont 15.9 (99) d 7.9 (51) to win their first premiership in 16 years.

Pre-season, people were counting the number of games lost to the club through the retirement of senior players. Lions coach Peter German would have his work cut out, they said. Making the finals would be a bonus, they said.

Subiaco’s football manager, Jeff Lind, was convinced that it would pay dividends to show faith in the club’s youth. This policy was to be supported by targeted recruiting, not from the ranks of tired AFL players but instead proven performers from feeder competitions. Recruits Caine Hayes, Travis Knights, Richard Maloney, Mark Haynes, Lachlan Oakley and David Robbins would all play a significant role in Subiaco’s short and medium term future.

Matt Priddis, with a career tally of two games at the start of 2004; he was scarcely expected to finish the season as one of the WAFL’s leading players. By Grand Final day, however, that is exactly what he was. Selection in the State team, Rising Star award and fourth place in the Sandover medal doesn’t just happen. Priddis is just one of many players who became cogs in the Subiaco machine in 2004 having played little or no role previously. Along with Priddis such players as Darren Rumble, David Robbins, Lachlan Oakley, Ryan Crowley, Caine Hayes, Mark Haynes, Sam Larkins, David Mundy and Ben Walker made important contributions to the team’s success in 2004 because German gave them one priceless gift: opportunity.

The team displayed exceptional application and stamina during the home-and-away games, surprising the pessimists by maintaining Subiaco’s status as a major force in the competition. Ruckman Luke Newick rose magnificently to the challenge of shouldering more responsibility after the departure of Lucas, and was tireless and effective at ruck contests and around the ground. Newick fed a midfield of huger, talent and depth. Allistair Pickett regularly proved a thorn in the side of opposition teams; his hands so swift that they might well have qualified for registration under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as medicine for the treatment of congestion, which earned him the Sandover Medal. David Robbins was all class, while Paul Vines demonstrated great resolve and made good use of his precision in foot passing. Marc Webb and Mark Haynes were indefatigable, and Chad Cossom’s fleet footed presence in the midfield complemented his ability to speedily weight up options. Skipper Richard Maloney was sidelined by injury for much of the season but returned to form only a smidgen below his best after Round 17.

With a home-and-away record of fifteen wins and five losses, Subiaco won the minor premiership and shaped up to Claremont (thirteen wins) in the second semi-final. The Lions lead at every change and ran out winner 19.14 (128) to 9.14 (68) and booked their spot in the 2004 Grand Final.

In the lead-up to the Grand Final, much of the talk is about Brad Smith. That isn’t surprising as he’s kicked a ton of goals (109), and Claremont thought they had the man to shut him down to force German to use Plan B.

It was a beautiful afternoon and 21,507 people are ready to roar. So too are the Lions and when Smith marks at the two minutes into the game and passes to Chad Cossom, Subi activates the scoreboard and never looked back. It was a perfect day for the faithful wearing maroon-and-gold.

The 2004 season had not only yielded a long-awaited premiership. Allistair Pickett had won the Sandover Medal after a fantastic season and tallying 42 votes at the count. He was also Subiaco’s fairest-and-best winner. Brad Smith was awarded the Bernie Naylor Medal and was complemented by the honour of the State Captaincy, with Pickett, Hayes, Priddis and Robbins also part of the WA team. Paul Vines’ Simpson medal and Rising Star recognition for Matt Priddis added to the club’s bag of houours, while German was awarded the J.J Leonard Medal as WAFL Coach of the Year.

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