Take five with Ryan Herring


Subiaco Spearhead Ryan Herring will square off against his former club Peel Thunder for the first time when the two sides meet at Bendigo Bank Stadium on Saturday.


Fresh from a four goal haul against South Fremantle, the 26-year-old says he’s excited to revisit the club for which he notched up 26 senior games over two seasons.

“I haven’t been back yet, there’s been a lot of turn around in numbers now that they are Fremantle’s reserve side so I don’t know if many of the players will offer much banter but the few that are still there will probably give me a bit of lip.” Herring said

Now an established member of the Subiaco team and club, the man affectionately known as ‘Fish’ opened up to reveal the less serious side of a WAFL footballer.

1. Fish out of Water.

With a football in his hand Herring oozes confidence. At 193 cm he’s far from slow and possesses an impressive tank to lead hard all day… put him in a swimming pool and his confidence deserts him, his 95 kilogram frame will quickly find it’s way to the bottom because Herring never learnt to swim.

“Yeah look I’m just not very good at it, which is really ironic given my nickname, I’m more of a land animal, it’s even daunting getting in and out of the ice-baths after a game.” He said

2. Best on Ground.

A landscaper by trade, chances are you’ve marveled at some of Herring’s handy work around Perth . Responsible for re-styling the Subiaco entrance at Pattersons Stadium, Herring say’s it’s not just a job, it’s a passion.

“I try to make every lawn better than the last, I also try to put a bit of myself into every job because it’s a bit like football you know, it’s all the little things that make a difference.”

Former Adelaide Crows captain Mark Ricciuto and Aussie cricketer Darren Lehmann are just two of Herring’s satisfied cliental.

3. Drink like a Fish

As part of his pre-game ritual Herring will drink exactly 6 litres of water the day before a game.

“It’s so important to hydrate prior to a game to avoid nasty things like cramp,”

“Early in my career I experimented with the amount I’d try to take in but now I’m firmly settled on 6 litres, no more, no less.” Herring said.

4. Four Square Champ

 It’s not un-common for an all-round junior athlete to eventually reach a crossroads and have to decide which sport they will devote their full attention too in the quest to reach the highest level.

For thirteen consecutive weeks Ryan Herring held the Four-Square crown in grade 6 at George Street Primary School in Hamilton, Victoria.

While he enjoyed the notoriety it gave him, he says choosing between Four-Square and Football was a no brainer.

“(laughs) yeah look the Four-Square career was fun while it lasted and I’ve got some great memories but Footy is a little more serious.” He said.

5) Sore foot.

A broken foot will sidelined most athletes in most sports but when Herring was helped from the field while playing for Peel in 2011, he thought it nothing more than a minor sprain.

“It was my first year at the club and I thought I just rolled my ankle so I kept playing but had to get it jabbed because it was so sore… this went on for about ten weeks so we said nah we should get it scanned and found out I had a fracture in it… I played out the season though” Herring said.

The injury didn’t slow him down and when the Lions played Subiaco in round ten that season, Herring bagged a career best 7 goals.

“That’s the most I’ve kicked in my career so this week, being at the same oval I’d love to do the reverse and bag a few to help get Subi over the line.” He said.

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