The Amazing Race - Moore River

At the annual Colts preseason camp over 50 players were split into 7 teams to compete in an “Amazing Race” – Moore River style.  The teams were required to be decked out in their colours and have their team flag or mascot with them throughout the race.

The “AMAZING RACE” started at camp HQ, John Byrnse’s house.  The teams were handed a list of 10 questions on the history of Subiaco Football Club, taken from the 2012 Annual Report.  After all were answered correctly each team was handed an envelope which gave them directions to the next task.  To get to the next destination the team had to walk in unison, holding hands.

The next task was at the Guilderton Country Club where each team member was given one lawn bowl each and their bowling skills were tested by having to place their bowl within 3 metres of the jack.  On completion of that task they were given very dodgy instructions on the route to the next destination.  After much confusion the teams were seen wandering around the streets of Guilderton – hand in hand of course.

On arrival at the next destination each team was given a bag of ice to carry with them for the rest of the race – why you may ask?  – no reason. 

Here they were also given a jigsaw puzzle for the team to solve.   While the team was completing the jigsaw puzzle one member of the team was sent to find a local fisherman (aka the coach) on the foreshore. With this excellent disguise the players had extreme difficulty in finding the fisherman and when they did he then played a game of “paper, scissors, rock” with them and if they lost, it was a matter of returning to the team and send another player.  Confusion reigned supreme – just as we planned.


When they finally completed this task correctly each team was given two canoes to get across the other side of the river – some 400 metres away.  The only trouble was that the canoes only hold two people and teams had 6 to 7 members.  It was a slow trip across as they juggled whose turn it was to paddle and who would be swimming.

Once across the river each team was required to carry out two separate activities.  One group had to dig a hole by hand and bury a 1.5m star pick upright so it couldn’t be seen at normal ground level.  The other group was required to build a sand castle in the shape of a part of the human body.  You can imagine what they decided to construct and we were worried that some players put a little too much loving into their sculpture.

After successful completion of those tasks each team was given fishing gear and were allowed 30 minutes to catch three fish.  The fish were released after being caught.  We now know why these guys play football – most (if not all) were absolutely hopeless at fishing.  Without being shown how to bait a hook and the intricacies of fishing we doubt that any fish would have been caught.


It was then back to the other side of the river where they were on the home stretch.  The first group back had first choice of envelopes – each envelope containing a different route back to home base.  Some were a 4km route and others were as little as 500m.Tough luck for those teams that selected the long trek back.

While the boys thought they were competing for a prize in the end it was just a lot of fun and great team building in a competitive environment.

The teams still had one task to go – a skit after dinner.  These performances ranged from absolute atrocious to very innovative.  The pink team, leads by Andrew Vawser, won with a great send up of the coaches.

Sincere thanks to John Byrnes, Kevin Brown and Mick Bailey for giving up their time to organise the catering and cooking for the boys.  Special thanks to John for providing his house to stay at, a tradition that started in the 1980s when Eddie Pitter coached the Colts.  We wish to also thank Alan McCombe for his assistance with the catering.

Well done to all the coaches on a great weekend.  This now officially completes the Colts 2013 pre-season and we look forward to the boys taking this camaraderie into the games.

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