Getting the band back together

The band is back together.

Between them they have 12 Premiership medallions from the Glory Years, when Subiaco won four Premierships in five years, which included the famed three-peat from 2006-2008. 

Ben Keevers, Jarrad Schofield, Todd Holmes and Caine Hayes made up part of those teams and now they make up most of the coaching staff for the 2013 season.

Trent McKenna, who was a big part of the club's reserves success during that period, also remains involved in coaching the twos with Hayes. 

And they are all aligned to one goal, returning Subiaco to that position atop the WAFL tree and letting this group experience the success they did.

“I think the benefit we’ve got is that we were a part of it when we were so successful,” Keevers said. 

“It was a lot of hard work that went into getting to where we were and guys like Homesy, Hayesy, myself, we started not necessarily when we were at the top, but we had to do a lot of work to get to where we did.”

“We can pass on a lot of our experience, I suppose it doesn’t guarantee anything at the end of the day, but we hope it goes a fair way to educating these young fellas what it takes to get to the top.”

That level of professionalism and hard work required to win Premierships the main point these four coaches continue to instill into the group.

“I said to Jarrad and Homesy in particular when I first came down a couple of weeks back that the boys, the league pre-season, haven’t had a pre-season like this for quite a few seasons to be honest,” Keevers said.

“We rate this pretty high, the standard they are setting and the gains the boys have made in even three to four weeks I don’t think we’ve seen that over the past couple of years.”

It’s a position that two-time Premiership player Holmes agrees with.

“In regard to when we won those premierships we knew we trained harder than anyone, so when it become a big game, we’d come into half time three goals up or three goals behind and we’d know we had the fitness to overrun teams.

“This year everyone is held accountable even the guys in rehab. The thing we’re drumming in their head is that all of this hard work is going to pay off.

“Come the third or fourth quarter, we’re very confident this group will be in a position to have the fitness to overrun their opposition.”

Not only is these coaches who remain from the Glory Years, four of the current playing group were a part of those successes. 

Aidan Parker, Darren Rumble, Ben Randall, Rob Forrest and Blake Broadhurst Premiership teammates of their new coaches.

Something ‘Homer’ said will help the chemistry.

“I’m working with the backline this year with three or four of the boys that I played footy with in that backline, I see that as a positive,” he said.

“I worked closely with the leadership group last year and one thing I know about the Ben Randall’s, the Aidan Parkers, Rumbas they’ve had their Premiership success but they are hungrier than ever to experience and get this young group along.

“They’re definitely hungry and not resting on their laurels on past success and have got a bit left in them before they retire.”

Hopefully this is one band that can get back together with success.




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