Andrew Christie ANZAC Cup

The pre-game ceremony from the 2011 ANZAC Day clash. 


Over the past 10 years the Subiaco Football Club has built up a tradition of commemorating ANZAC Day.  The highlight of the day has become awarding of the Andrew Christie Cup to the Subiaco player who most epitomizes the ANZAC spirit.

Andrew Christie played for the Subiaco Football Club during the season of 1909 through to 1913.  He was Captain during the 1910 season and he played during the 1912 and 1913 Premiership winning seasons.  He is included in the 1912 Premiership photograph.

In the first volume of Dr Ken Spillman’s excellent history of the Subiaco Football Club, ‘Diehards” Andrew Christie’s is described as “reliable back man’.  Christie had the honour of being part of the Club’s most successful era, winning 3 premierships in four seasons.

At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 he enlisted in the Western Australia 16th Battalion and landed at Gallipoli on the very first Anzac Day 25th April 1915.

He survived the Landing and before very long was sent to the most vulnerable and deadly position in the Anzac Sector known as Quinn’s Post located at the head of Monash Gully. If Quinn’s Post was overrun the Turks would be able to drive the Anzac’s into the Aegean Sea. The Turkish and Australian trenches were only a matter of metres apart.

The renowned Australian historian, Charles Bean quoted that the Anzac’s in Monash Gully looked up towards Quinn’s Post as they would a haunted house.

On the night of Sunday 2nd May 1915 the 16th Battalion attacked a Turkish hill position known as Baby 700. During this charge, which commences at 7.20pm, 320 Anzac’s were killed. It has since been referred to a Bloody Sunday. More Anzac’s were killed on this single night than were killed The Charge at The Nek, featured in Peter Weir’s film “Gallipoli” starring the young Mel Gibson.

Private Andrew Christie was hit in the leg and sent a message back to his lines through his friend. The message read, “Please fetch me in. I’m slowly bleeding to death”.

His body was never recovered.

His name, in addition to approximately 3 500 other Anzac’s whose remains were never found, is engraved in stone at the Lone Pine Memorial.

The Andrew Christie Anzac Cup is presented to a footballer from the Subiaco Football Club on the home ground fixture closest to Anzac Day year.  It is awarded to the player who best exemplifies the legendary qualities of the first ANZACs.

Those qualities include courage, perseverance, fairness, leading by example, selflessness, humour and dedication to the team.

The Christie family is honoured and grateful to play a small part in developing Subiaco Football Club tradition.  The introduction of the prestigious award was the idea of Andrew’s great nephew Len Christie, a long time supporter of the Subiaco Football Club.  It has been Len’s pleasure to represent the Christie family to present this trophy over the past 13 years.

Past winners of the Andrew Christie Cup include:

1998                Dean Irving

1999                Dean Irving

2000                Andrew Donnelly

2001                Peter Bird

2002                Luke Toia

2003                Marc Webb

2004                Caine Hayes

2005                David Robbins

2006                Ben Keevers

2007                Mark Haynes

2008                Brad Smith

2009                Shaun Hildebrandt

2010                Chad Cossom

2011                Chris Phelan

Last year's Christie Medalist Chris Phelan in action in the ANZAC Day match. 

Chris Phelan on his accolade: 

What did it mean to be recognised with the Christie Medal in last year's ANZAC Day game? 

"It's obviously a great honour, a special occasion in Australia ANZAC Day and the Christie family have been a part of the club for as long as I've been here and a bit longer than that too. It's just a great award and a lot of great players have won it before me."

It does put you alongside some great Subiaco names like Brad Smith, Marc Webb, Chad Cossom and co. How does that feel? 

"I don't know if I deserve to be there but it's obviously a great honour."

Why do you think you were chosen as the play that most exemplified the ANZAC spirit in that match? 

"I think it was mainly because I was given a job on Kane Pedifer who had just come back from AFL. I was just given a job to shut him down and I did that sacrificed my own game so that he didn't have an impact." 



Rd 7 @ Medibank Stadium. 4.30PM bouncedown. 

Subiaco vs. East Perth. 


There will be a pre-game march @4PM sharp with all welcome to participate. Pre-game ceremonies also to include the last post and the Ode. 


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